10 emblem designs with a clever concept


Photo designers’ process consists usually of transmitting messages in a easy, visible manner (to make itquick). that is in no way as obvious as with brand design. A emblem should express ideas in a be counted of 2nd, with very little visual factors used.

whilst now not usually the maximum quite, the following logos are exquisite examples of smartpresentation of ideas through logo design.

1. CityCliq

Cursor meets skyline, tremendous concept by means of Raja Sandhu.
2. Water Drop

The letter “W” meets the water drop, a completely elegant design (supply unknown).3. Pause

What may want to better explicit the phrase pause than the symbol used for it on electronic gadgets? (source unknown)four. CodeFish

A fish made from characters regularly utilized by coders, just the brand CodeFish wanted. layout byMads Burcharth from Denmark.5. Cinéma Café

each thoughts expressed visually through a simple yet efficient picture by using Bosnian designerMuamer Adilovic.6. Freedom

in which the designers from the Chase took the liberty to layout the phrase the manner they wanted to.7. Artfarm

A fence for artists, or a line-up of pencils? maybe each, but a high-quality besides by using Brigada Creativa8. Culinary Zen

A plate product of a broom stroke, easy but efficient. design via Gravitart.
nine. CFO

hard to study, however lovable. design through Logorado.
10. Love Clip

one of the many cool trademarks designed by Designabot.