All businesses that depend on equipment to operate are wise to put a regular maintenance schedule in place. Handling problems, while they are small and somewhat manageable, is the more affordable way to go. Below are five reasons to give your car wash a regular check-up to stay running smooth.

Check for Water Leaks

Small water leaks and drips can add up over time to a high water bill. It can also decrease the water pressure, making the equipment malfunction. Have all nozzles and connections changed when they being to leak to avoid a serious problem. Call a repair technician if you notice an unusually high water bill, or there are noticeable streams of water when the equipment is not being used.

Check for Drain Clogs

All sorts of debris can build up and clog the drains of your car wash. This can lead to having employees or customers standing in large pools of water. The mix of water and chemicals can cause the concrete to become slick. Slip and fall injuries can cost you in insurance claims.

Wear and Tear On Water and Vacuum Hoses

Water hoses that are well-used and in rough shape should be replaced before they develop weaknesses and leak. Worn vacuum hoses render the equipment ineffective and possibly burn out the motor. Have this equipment checked on a regular basis. The replacement costs are not that high and will keep your customers happy that everything is in good working order.

Electrical System Integrity

The electrical system of your car wash is just as important as the water, especially if you have doors that open and shut electronically. Have the wiring checked every now and again, whether you think there is a problem or not. Finding potential problems before everything goes haywire is a plus.

Chemical Release Mechanisms

The soap, spot-free agents, and wax should all come out without any problem. Have a repair technician check the system if you notice uneven amounts being released. There can be problems with the release of either too much or too little.
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