Air India Starts Latest Simulators Training For its pilots

To battle shortage of pilots, Air India started pilots training through latest airbus 320 simulators at Central Training Establishment (CTE) in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Central Training Establishment,  Air India has latest simulators of airbus 320 at Hyderabad CTE. Last month, Air India opened recruitment for 200 pilots and as of now a total 281 pilots have come for simulators training. 281 out of 78 pilots have been trained for flying as of now and rest is under training. According to Hyderabad CTE General Manager Captain Sivnarayan Krishnan, the training will focus on latest simulators. As of now Air India has around 1,425 pilots, including Airbus and Boeing fleet. “This in what you are now is the latest simulator in India commissioned just a month back, This is primarily used to train pilots for both normal and abnormal situations. there are various kinds are training including normal endorsement command upgrade training and cat 2 cat 3 training which is required for fog like situations. We can simulate every possible emergency what a pilot can encounter in his life which cannot be done in an aircraft. Throughout his life a pilot needs to simulate various aspects of emergencies so that he is equipped with all sorts of emergency measures,” said Krishnan. Among the 1,425 pilots, 88 women pilots are there for airbus and 66 women pilots for Boeing. Air India is planning to increase airbus fleet in coming year. At present Air India has 1,441 pilots, with 670 of them flying 66 A320 family aircraft.

[Source:- The Indian Express]