Another massacre, another hashtag. #JeSuisBrussels

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There were heightened terror alerts Tuesday across Europe, in the U.S. and around the world after another attack by the Islamic State. The terrorist group claimed responsibility for explosions at Brussels’ airport and a downtown metro stop that killed at least 31 people and wounded scores of others. Security: Belgium raised its terror threat to its maximum level. The U.S. reports no indications of specific threats in this country, but authorities increased security measures at transport hubs and landmarks. Travel: U.S. airlines canceled flights to Brussels. Why Belgium: Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect from November’s Paris terror attack that killed 130 people, was arrested Friday in a Brussels suburb. He told investigators he was plotting another major assault, and his capture heightened fears of an attack. Obama reacts: The world must stand united “regardless of nationality, or race, or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.” #JeSuisBruxelles #JeSuisBrussels

The deadly explosions in Brussels are just the latest in a series of terror attacks on European soil in recent years. VPC

It just got a little warmer in the Americas

President Obama said Tuesday in Havana he wants to bury anything that might be left of the Cold War so the U.S. and Cuba can be real amigos: “I am here to extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people.” The U.S. and communist Cuba severed ties in 1961 during the Cold War, but Pope Francis got the two countries to make nice again in 2014. Since then, Obama has reopened the U.S. Embassy in Havana, removed restrictions on sending money, and opened the door to airline and cruise routes. A sticking point remains: the 54-year-old embargo. Obama said in his speech he wants to lift the embargo (cue applause), but made clear there are serious issues that need to be resolved before he can convince Congress to make it happen. Obama also dropped some not-so-subtle hints about how awesome it would be if Cuba put on its democracy pants.

President Obama addresses the people of Cuba in Havana, speaking of a new chapter in the history of U.S.-Cuba relations. VPC

Rob Ford was mocked internationally for his demons. But in the end, it was cancer that destroyed him.

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford died Tuesday after battling a rare, aggressive cancer. He was 46. Voters backed Ford in 2010, eager to shake things up at City Hall. And he did — too much. Among his more notable embarrassments: 1. Caught on video smoking crack. 2. Knocking over a 63-year-old female city councilor while rushing to the defense of his brother, Councilor Doug Ford, who was insulting spectators in the council chamber. 3. Threatening “murder” in a profane, incoherent rant captured on video. Even after all that, people still kind of liked him. After losing his job as mayor, he was later elected by a landslide to his old City Council seat, a job he held until his death. Ford is survived by his wife, Renata, and two children, Stephanie and Doug.


There was supposed to be a legal showdown Tuesday between the FBI and Apple, but the Justice Department asked Monday for everyone to slow their roll. The FBI thinks it may have figured out a way to get into the iPhone of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook without Apple’s help. How? Well, there are a few ways. One involves creating a digital copy of the phone’s chips.

That time Steve-O did drugs with Mike Tyson and they became good friends

Steve-O was known for doing a lot of wild stuff while he was high. (He’s sober now!) In a recent GQ interview, he detailed doing cocaine with Mike Tyson in a Los Angeles bathroom for three hours. Here are some of the things we can repeat: The scene was the most “gripping science-fair project ever,” Steve-O said. The next time the men spent time together “was when we were locked up in the psychiatric ward.” There’s your Tuesday PSA.

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