Apple insists that iPad Pro is now a computer

There was a time when Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn’t uplifted by tablet/laptop hybrids.

Why, he even called the Microsoft Surface Book “diluted.”

Perhaps he’s coming around to the idea that a computer is whatever you decide a computer is.

I only mutter about this because Apple has just released an ad that suggests the iPad Pro is, indeed, a computer.

Here we see it going through various transformations with the help of various, not entirely cheap, add-ons.

The keyboard, for example, which can cost $169. Or the stylus — I mean, pencil — which, cha-chings at $99.

 “Just when you think you know what a computer is,” says the friendly voice, “you see a keyboard just get out of the way.”This is magical and revolutionary indeed — should you never have seen, say, aMicrosoft Surface Pro do something similar.

Naturally, the ad ends with a pithy thought: “Imagine what your computer could do.”

You might think to yourself: “I do imagine this all the time. I use my imagination a lot.”

Ah, but the ad isn’t finished. It wants you to imagine what your computer could do if it was an iPad Pro.

[source:- CNET]