Apple wants you to think about the iPad Pro as a computer

You can’t say you haven’t seen this coming. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said again and again that the iPad Pro is the company’s vision of the future of computing. And today, Apple is confirming this vision with a new ad.

For the first time, Apple is calling the iPad Pro a computer. The ad ends with the tagline “Imagine what your computer could do if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

In order to argue in favor of this vision, Apple showcases everything that makes the iPad Pro a capable device — the Smart Keyboard, the Apple Pencil, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Photoshop Fix, Procreate, Netflix, Safari, iBooks and more.

In my experience, some people around me are embracing the iPad Pro and are using their computer less frequently. Others are just using the iPad as a complementary device and can’t even consider ditching their computer.

But even the fact that many people (including me) are able to ditch their computer for a week and do all their work from an iPad shows that Apple is onto something. But old habits die hard…

[source:- TC]

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