Baidu’s MoboMarket app store now supports 5 Indian languages

NEW DELHI: Nearly four months after its app store added Hindi language support for its users, Chinese language internet search provider Baidu on Wednesday announced that the new version of MoboMarket will now support Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu too.

“Even though the technology industry in India is dominated by English, that language is just a tiny sliver when you consider India’s enormous linguistic diversity,” said Jeff Li, product director of MoboMarket, in a statement.

The product team plans to include more Indian languages such as Telugu in the near future.
“Over 1,000 languages are spoken throughout India. Content in regional languages is in huge demand, and we’re going to keep working to bridge the language gap for more people,” Li added.
According to a 2001 census conducted by the ministry of home affairs, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu and Telugu are spoken by 33% of people in India while Hindi is spoken by over 41% of the population.
[Source:- The Times Of India]