Bihar toppers rip-off: How Nitish Kumar can cleanup the training gadget

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Bihar chief Minister Nitish Kumar might not show his emotions in public, but he could truely realize theextent of harm to his image after the uncovering of Bihar school exam Board’s toppers rip-off. the humanities topper of the kingdom, a Vaishali girl, in her one naive description of political technology as “prodigal” technology, perhaps served to offer verdict on the murky affairs of secondary and senior secondary education in Bihar.
Nitish, who become regularly accused of derailing primary training from “slate to plate (noon meal scheme)”, would usually grapple with questions over his government no longer stemming the rot inside the training machine. schooling, at excellent, ought to come to be his political wheel with sundry scholarships and incentive schemes, but did now not add lots to making sure first-rate schooling,despite the fact that he did achieve cutting dropout quotes considerably.
Now that there was an uproar about the entire murky saga and questions about police framing fourcollege students, Patna Police claimed to have cracked the case with 20 arrests to this point, includingformer BSEB chairman Lalkeshwar Prasad and his influential former JD (U) MLA spouse Usha Sinha. Police say all the three toppers and VR university essential’s daughter were nicely aware about the conspiracy to lead them to toppers, pushing the deserving ones. the difficulty of students careers getting jeopardisedbecause of police action can be debated however that is not the only query. The real question is how CM Nitish Kumar, nursing PM pursuits on foundation of his top governance photo, ought to have cleanedup the gadget or still can cleanup the mess.
examine: I informed Papa to get me surpassed but they went ahead and made me topper, says Ruby Rai
First, he has first of all ensuring firm compliance of affiliation of Inter (ten plus two) faculties. As in line with BSEB norm, a college must have two acres of land and good enough wide variety of lecture rooms, playground and labs to get affiliation from the board. This must be closely monitored with the aid of thecountry government despite the fact that BSEB is an self sufficient frame and is not answerable toschooling ministry of Bihar authorities. If affiliation supply can be tightened, it might cope with half theproblems about mushrooming private schools. many of then being run through people of dubiouscredentials and also enjoying political clout. Plus, the anti-corruption cellular of the board’s periodic reportsmust not be pushed below a carpet by the board. The debatable VR university had scathing assessmentreports however the then board chief Lalkeshwar, now key accused, did no longer provoke motion trulybecause he could have been exposed at his own game.
2d, there must be a cap on enrollment in a college. VR college would sign up 1,000-unusual students in a consultation whilst most authentic faculties might sign up 300400 students every. this is whereinan enrollment cap needs to be brought to prevent this cash-minting enterprise as the likes of Bachcha Raimight do. it’s also a self-defined enigma on why authorities college college students might seldom turn out to be toppers even as Bacha Rai’s university changed into not anything short of toppers-spinner.
1/3, Nitish Kumar ought to have stored Lalkeshwar out of BSEB. Political gratification in training deviceshould have produced simplest this type of result. no matter what motion the CM initiates now, the rot has set in deep. He may also properly must start it from the scratch and start BSEB cleanup to now not justsalvage the education setup however to the repair picture of the kingdom, sullied due to the handiwork of a handful of people like Bachcha and Laleshwar.

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