China brushes off doubts over aid on South China Sea, says it is growing

The center portion of the Subi Reef runway is shown in this Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative January 8, 2016 satellite image released to Reuters on January 15, 2016.   REUTERS/CSIS Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative/Digital Globe/Handout via Reuters/File Photo


China’s overseas Ministry on Thursday dismissed doubts approximately how many countries havepresented assist for its function in a case added by using the Philippines over chinese language claimsin the South China Sea, announcing the number of nations turned into growing every day.

China has stepped up its rhetoric beforehand of an expected ruling via the everlasting court of Arbitrationwithin the Hague on the Philippine case. China refuses to understand the case and says all disputesshould be resolved via bilateral talks.

China says extra than 40 international locations have offered help for its function, the maximum latestbeing Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka.

but only eight nations have come out in public guide, including land-locked countries including Niger and Afghanistan, says Washington’s middle for Strategic and international studies.

On Wednesday, a senior U.S. legit voiced scepticism at China’s declare that dozens of countries had beenbacking its position, announcing it become now not clear even approximately what those countriesmay have agreed to.

chinese foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying stated public reviews confirmed at the least forty seven nations providing help, although the parent changed into not complete as some nations‘ backing had no longer been publicly reported.

“The variety of humans supporting China rises via the day, so I don’t have any manner of giving you aparticular figure,” she informed a day by day news briefing, adding that the actual number was now notthe most critical issue.

so long as you have an goal and impartial function, so long as you apprehend the main points of therecords of the South China Sea and the essence of the so-referred to as ‘arbitration case’, any unbiasedunited states, company or man or woman will unhesitatingly chose China’s just position,” she said.

China claims almost all of the energywealthy South China Sea, thru which more than $5 trillion of maritime change passes each year. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have overlapping claims.

The Philippines is contesting China’s declare to a place proven on its maps as a 9dash line stretching deep into the maritime heart of Southeast Asia, masking masses of disputed islands and reefs and encompassing a vital international trade course.

The consensus amongst officers and analysts is that the ruling will cross in large part in opposition toBeijing.