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Today’s Tech With Purpose news summary spans the USA, India, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

In the UK there’s a £10m EV charging point investment, India’s CropIn gets $20m investment, the USA makes IoT cybersecurity law, nuclear fusion in Canada gets a boost, Saudi Arabia aims to lead the way in renewable generation. Plus lots more, including EE’s David Attenborough AR application, VR emotional technology and blockchain.

Hitatchi Capital Invests £10m To Roll Out 100 EV Charging Stations

With a £10m investment from Hitachi Capital, GRIDSERVE aims to deliver 100+ electric vehicle forecourts across the UK in the next 5 years. If you haven’t already checked it out, this might be a good read, too.

Five Ways AI Can Do Good In 2021

MIT’s Technology Review looks at 5 ways AI can overcome some of its recent failures and become a greater force for good in 2021. The topics include reduced corporate influence, codified guard rails and empowerment of the marginalised.

US IoT Cyber Security Bill Is Law

The Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity bill is signed into law. The law requires minimum cybersecurity standards to be applied for any government focused IoT solution, and for a notification mechanism to alert for vulnerabilities.

Using Blockchain To Ensure Integrity Of Photos

This Taiwanese start up applies blockchain to photos, ensuring the integrity of photos with a “birth certificate”. Whilst the initial use case is to fake fight news, having verifiably original photographs could help fight inequality in many aspects.

Digitising Farming To Reduce Waste, Improve Efficiencies

CropIn raises $20M to expand it’s AI enabled solutions to digitise farming. With food security and water scarcity a growing concern, the ability to improve efficiency, productivity, predictability, and sustainability of crop value-chains is crucial.

EE, BBC Create AR David Attenborough Experience

David Attenborough, BBC, Kew Gardens and EE partner on The Green Planet augmented reality app that uses AR and 5G to help people get more in touch with nature.

TEDx Talks Focus On Tech’s Role In The Fight Against Climate Change

An interesting series of TEDx talks from the ClimateAction.Tech group, that cover the influence of advertising on campaigns of misinformation, and how every job now has a climate responsibility.

More Investment For Canada’s Nuclear Fusion Bid

Nuclear fusion tech developer General Fusion now has Shopify and Amazon founders backing it .

NEOM Project Aim To Lead Renewable Energy Generation

NEOM is a fascinating large scale innovation project in Saudi Arabia, creating a new city with “smart” as its foundations. Amongst the many innovations they are exploring, they aim to be a world leader in renewable energy generation.

Emotionally Aware VR Experiences, Tailored For You

This whitepaper analysis the role of VR and emotionally aware technology in both the emerging mental healthcare crisis, and the rising need for corporate softskills training.


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