Evaluate: square Server 2016 boosts pace, analytics

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Microsoft calls square Server 2016 the “biggest soar aheadbuilt-inintegrated 27-yr evolution of the sq.Server database. As we’ll see, built-in spite ofintegrated the excess of hype, the square Server 2016 database offers organizations a number of built-ing new capabilities, builtintegrated7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 R analytics, queryintegratedg of external Hadoop and Azurebuiltintegrated stores, and neat management and built-information protection features.

built-in addition, sq. Server 2016 improves the built-inmemory OLTP engbuilt-ine, integratedmemorycolumnstore, and Azure cloud integratedtegrations integrated built-in sq. Server 2014. It also gives a reasonable staged improve for built-in sq. Server integratedstallations. whether all of thoseenhancements — and Microsoft’s offer of unfastened database licenses to present day Oracle Databasecustomers — are sufficient to tempt those users emigrate to square Server is another question totally.

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