Fitbit Claims Exploding Flex 2 Didn't Malfunction, Says 'External Forces' to Blame

A few days ago, a Fitbit Flex 2 reportedly exploded on Wisconsin resident Dina Mitchell’s arm, and she faced second-degree burns because of it. Fitbit was quick to respond and investigate, and now, the company claims that a “malfunction did not cause the explosion,” and instead attributes “external forces”.

A Fitbit spokesperson told Engadget that the Lithium-ion battery integrated inside did not cause the explosion. “Based on our initial investigation, including testing of her device by a leading third-party failure analysis firm, we have concluded that Ms. Mitchell’s Fitbit Flex 2 did not malfunction. The testing shows that external forces caused the damage to the device,” a Fitbit spokesperson says.

“The health and safety of our customers is our top priority and, as such, Fitbit products are designed and produced in accordance with strict standards and undergo extensive internal and external testing to ensure the safety of our users,” the spokesperson added.
What external forces caused damage to the wearable was not elaborated upon. Mitchell claims that the device was resting on her palm while she was reading a book, and was not indulging in any aggressive activity when the explosion happened. She had to remove it while the wearable was in flames, and later on, the doctors had to remove plastic and rubber from her wound as well.

The main cause of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Basis Peak explosions last year was attributed to the lithium-ion batteries, and Fitbit completely rules out that the Flex 2 exploded due to heating of battery. Furthermore, the company claims that there have been no other reports of such an incident from any other user. The Fitbit Flex 2 was launched in India in August last year, and was priced at Rs. 9,499. Now, it’s available online for as low as Rs. 5,999.