Gaurav is my world: Mona Singh

They played best friends in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi, but even before the serial went on air, the two had become BFFs for life. And 13 years since the show, Mona Singh and Gaurav Gera’s bond has only grown stronger. Their cute pictures together on social media can give you serious friendship goals. When Gaurav started making his funny videos about Chutki and the Shopkeeper, Mona was the first one to feature in it. Here, the actress talks about her connect with Gaurav, how they rely on each other for advice and their trips together…

Jab they met

“Gaurav and I met during the auditions for Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi. We were doing a look test and enacted one scene at least 20 times! He was the only person from the serial I auditioned with, for a week before the shoot. Both of us were finalised, but the makers wanted to see how good we would be on screen.

At that time, we both really hit it off because we think alike. He was telling me how long he was in Mumbai and since I was new to the city then, he said, ‘I can be your friend’. He was very warm and sweet. We started chatting and we used to laugh at the stupidest jokes. I thought he was as weird as I was! Even our conversations were similar. And this off-screen camaraderie translated onto the screen (they played best friends in the serial).”

Strong bonds

“It’s been 13 years now and he is the only guy from the industry who is a dear friend of mine. We are also neighbours; he stays in the next building. This wasn’t done intentionally, it just happened. I need to see him every day. He is my vitamin tablet. After pack-up, I have to call him up or he has to call me. There is this amazing connect with him.

On a holiday

“Both of us have gone on many vacations together, especially to Goa. We even took our families. His mother and my mother get along really well. Gaurav and I went to Bali in March before I started my serial Kavach. Soon, we are planning a trip to Spain.”

Common interests

“He has great culinary skills. I, too, love cooking. So we jam while cooking and making videos. I loved it when he started doing the Chutki videos and have been a part of it. Both of us are cracked ends, who think we are perfect. I am so proud of him for doing Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa as Chutki. When the first episode aired, several people were messaging me for him! They said he had pulled off this act so well, that he is not looking cheap. That he is such a versatile actor — he can do Nandu, Gaurav, Chutki and now, he is dancing. I felt proud. ”

Being there for each other

“We both promised each other we will never gossip about others because that is a waste of time. What I like about Gaurav is, he is a positive person. I have been through highs and lows in my life, so has he. I have even cried in front of him and he has cried in front of me. But I have never heard anything negative from him. There is so much to learn from him. He makes me watch inspirational videos and go through inspiring quotes. Whenever I need to take a decision, I seek his advice and vice versa. Being Librans, both of us are confused when it comes to taking decisions for ourselves. Though we know what we want to do, we need a validation.”

Matter of pride

“Wherever I go for my press conferences or interviews, there’s always one question about Gaurav and me, I completely love it. Even on social media, whenever we put a video, there are people who tag us and talk about friendship goals.

I am so proud of what we have achieved. We have really come a long way. It wasn’t planned, but we are so similar in nature — the way he thinks about his parents, or plans a holiday with them is the same way I do. I had gone to stay with his parents in Delhi and found their lifestyle similar to mine. When he came to stay with me and my parents in Pune, (they live in Mumbai with me, but keep going back to Pune) he found the same. After dinner at around 11 pm we have a cup of tea before sleeping and Gaurav said, ‘I do the same in Delhi’!”

Kismat connection

“I think we have some past-life connection. We also enjoy each other’s silences and that is so comforting. In friendship, or in a relationship, when you enjoy each other’s silence, that is the best part. Gaurav is more than a best friend to me. There is a quote, ‘A single rose can be my garden and a single friend, my world’. He is my world.”

[Source:- DNA]