No matter what kind of two-way battery you purchase, it is meant to last you a long time. As with anything in life, you can help make your Kenwood radio battery, or any other type of two-way radio battery, last longer and hold a charge better. This just takes a little attention to detail and extra care.

Always Read the Manufacturer’s Manual

Too often, we throw away the ‘garbage’ that is packed in with our devices and add-ons thinking that we already know everything we have to. For the most part, this may be true, but it can never hurt to read over the manual that comes with your new radios, batteries, or replacement parts.

Never Leave Radios On When Charging

One of the important little bits of information you will find in almost all battery and radio manuals is to turn off your radios when they are charging. This is very important to help prolong the life of your radios and batteries.

Only Charge When You Need To

There is one bad habit that is prevalent across all companies and industries. It is all too easy to simply place your radios on the charging stands when you aren’t using them. This makes for a tidy work area and always knowing where your radios are. Unfortunately, this is terrible on your batteries and will shorten their usable life span.

Place the Radio or Battery in the Charger Correctly

When employees are in a hurry, it can be easy to just set your radio or battery in the charger and run. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about off-brand batteries or something higher end like a Kenwood radio battery, improperly placed radios and batteries is a sure-fire way to end the long-term use of your electronics.