Google Pixel 2 XL Sports Tougher Back Panel Than iPhone 8 Plus, Reveals Drop Test

Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones were launchedearlier this month, and are now available to buy in markets such as the US and UK. As expected, we are starting to see different tests showing the Pixel 2 phones subjected to torture. A latest video has surfaced showing the Google Pixel 2 XL going through drop test alongside the iPhone 8 Plus.

PhoneBuff team has included Pixel 2 XL and iPhone 8 Plus to see how durable both these phones are. The video shows the smartphones dropped from different angles. In the first round, the phones are subjected to a back drop – which shows Pixel 2 XL sports a slightly tougher rear panel that didn’t shatter with drop. The iPhone 8 Plus, however, featuring glass at the back has its back glass completely shattered. The team pointed out that both phones had functional screens despite the back drop.

It’s worth mentioning that the back drop does leave some scratches on the aluminium back of the Pixel 2 XL though the glass on the upper body part remains intact. In the next round of test, the phones are subjected to corner drops which sees Pixel 2 XL corners having deeper cuts due to the impact. The face drop test sees both phones getting badly damaged. The Pixel 2 XL in particular sees chunks of glass coming out of the front panel which seems horrible. The face drop also causes the Pixel 2 XL’s selfie camera to distort. The iPhone 8 Plus also suffers due to damage by face drop though the glass despite cracking remains intact to the body. The team further subjects both phones to more drops where the iPhone 8 Plus screen completely stops responding after eight drops from slightly more height. The Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand, stops responding in five drops. The overall drop test results by the team concludes Pixel 2 XL winning marginally compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.