How to make your Galaxy S7 sense greater like inventory Android

Whilst Samsung has spent the ultimate years firming down the amount of changes it makes to Android with its proprietary TouchWiz interface, it may nevertheless be a touch too much for a few.

whether you love Samsung’s hardware but hate the software program, or you truly want a inventoryAndroid experience on the S7 or S7 edge, it only takes a couple of minutes of your time to put Google’s Android layout aptitude on your device.

hold in mind, but, you won’t be able to update each component of Samsung’s interface with a stockAndroid layout, however you can get pretty near.

material themes

Samsung’s Galaxy line has a topic keep where customers can go to discover subject matters that matchtheir private tastes. whether it is a random robotic theme, complete with robotinspired app icons, wallpapers, sounds and fonts, or a topic that mimics Google’s fabric design the company uses in itspersonal apps and on inventory Android devices.

Open the themes keep on your Galaxy S7, and search forfabric.” There are a handful of clothstimulated topics to be had at no cost. installation each one, tap round and discover one which works for you.
the perfect way to make your S7 feel extra like a stock Android tool is to install the Google Now Launcher.

as soon as you have set up the app, open it and comply with the activates to pick out the Google Now Launcher as your default home display app.

With Google’s launcher energetic, you can find quick get right of entry to to Google Now through swiping to the proper on the main home screen. you may additionally be aware the app icons are a tad bigger, and the app drawer itself now scrolls vertically, in place of horizontally. additionally, there may be the option to go looking thru the app drawer on the top of the drawer.
Google Apps

stock Android is evidently complete of Google’s personal apps, while the Galaxy S7 is a mixed bag of Samsung and Google apps. replace apps consisting of Samsung’s Calendar and web browser with Google’simparting. here is a listing with Play shop hyperlinks of a few apps you could want to install:

Google Calendar
Google Messenger
Google photos
Google Clock
Google Keyboard
Google CalculatorGoogle match
For apps including Calendar, Messenger and pix you’ll need to set them because the default app. you may do this in Settings > device > applications.

With a few apps and tweaks, you can flip your Galaxy S7 or S7 aspect into a device that intently mimicsone among Google’s Nexus phones, as opposed to Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.