If brand new Coloration Rush layout leak is genuine, it’s far more palatable for Raiders

There is some other supposed leak of the NFL’s Color Rush jerseys for this season. And if it’s proper, the Raiders should look pretty badass when they face the Chiefs on Thursday Night time December eighth.Simply as fanatics could hope, and could simplest seem fitting, the Coloration of choice would be black.

There is no doubt whether or not the Raiders are taking part in the Shade Rush jerseys this season. Allteams are. The handiest query has been what those jerseys will look like.

The preliminary ‘leak’ had the Raiders dominant Coloration being gold, which might suggest they had been going with greater of a throwback concept based on their original uniforms circa 1960. What changed into ordinary approximately it had yellow for the Chiefs, which could imply yellow vs gold. That would notwork.

That leak got here from the equal supply, however that does not mean it cannot be trusted, as theoriginal designs said “All designs difficulty to change” on it, as does this one. Although not like earlier than, every Shade is next to the opposing team to ensure they are extraordinary enough to be distinguishable on the field.

All black uniforms might be pretty ill.