How Do Introverts and Extroverts Look at Rummy Differently?

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside the mind of a usually quiet friend when he plays rummy on mobile? Or, have you ever wondered why a friend is so excited to introduce you to rummy? We are addressing different types of rummy players – introverts and extroverts. Both these type of rummy players like to play the game, but may have different outlooks towards rummy.

Let us understand what rummy means to introverts and extroverts.

Outlook of Introverts towards Rummy

Below-given are the possible perceptions of introverts to online rummy games.

  1. Complete Privacy and Comfort

Introverts love to spend time alone many times, away from the buzz of people. It is this reason that they like to play rummy cards on the internet. Though they will have to compete against other players, it is on a virtual platform. Thus, no snag about face-to-face interaction with folks, or trying to get to know each other through forced conversations.

They can simply play rummy online, without having to step out of their favourite nook. Just sipping a cup of coffee and playing rummy in itself is such an exciting thought. It is the complete comfort and privacy that introverts enjoy – no one to butt in or disrupt their lone time or ask too many questions. It is a win-win situation.

  1. A Learning Opportunity

For introverts, Indian rummy is a learning opportunity to know more about traditional card games. They do feel the thrill and enthusiasm of playing the game, but at the same time, look at rummy as a way to learn life lessons. The game teaches them how to have a positive outlook towards life. It improves their concentration level and enhances focus in day-to-day tasks.

More than earning money prize, they are more interested in understanding the different variants of the game, the rummy rules, and how to master tournaments. It gives them a feeling of achievement to know about a game in detail.

  1. A Perfect Companion

Introverts like to play an online rummy game because it is the perfect companion during their free-time. They can utilize their time productively, than having to hang out with too many people, or get into unnecessary long phone calls with them. Moreover, playing on the internet does away with the requirement for meeting people in real to enjoy the game. It is a matter of convenience you see.

Outlook of Extroverts towards Rummy

Below-given are the possible perceptions of extroverts to a rummy game.

  • Way to Social Interaction

Extroverts love to interact with new people. They find it easier to talk with others and are prepared to strike a friendship with like-minded individuals. For them, a rummy game is a medium to know about other players, their skill-set, and grow their social-network. They would not like to play against bots or individually on a rummy website, but with real players.

An extrovert is expressive about the activities he involves in. Thus, it is natural for them to want to socialize more often with other members on the website, than the introverts.

  • A Compelling Challenge

A rummy tournament is a compelling challenge for the extroverts. They are thrilled with the prospect of winning against so many players. It is a way they can prove their prowess at the game, after which they can share their achievement stories with friends and family members. A new topic of discussion after all, and staying entertained at the same time, who would not want that?

  • Introduce More Number of People to the Game

Nothing attracts extroverts more than possibility of engaging friends in the activities they enjoy. They will certainly like to invite friends and family to the gaming platform. It is easy to send an invite link to download rummy app for mobile phone. The person who invites and the one who joins through referral, both stand the chance to earn a bonus that can be utilized to play games on the site/app.

So, which type of person are you – an introvert or extrovert? It does not really matter. After all, a 13 card rummy game is about boosting brainpower, putting mind-skills at play, and making the most of the time at hand.

Loknath Das