iOS 12.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod is infested with bug problems

iPhone iOS 12.2 Update

Recently iOS 12.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod was rolled out to beta users, it promised to solve all the bugs. It even has many new features missing in the original Operating System. But with time users have found major issues in their Apple devices.

Apple released iOS 12 update last September, since then it has caused more problems than the things it made it easy. Several updates of iOS 12 have been released to fix the issues, but somehow none of them seem to work.

iOS 12.2 Update: New Features and New Problems

iOS 12.2 Update for iPhone, iPad and iPod

iOS 12.2 update comes up with a lot of new features, which includes the new Apple News+, support for AirPods 2, a group of new emojis, and AppleCare+ support. But at the same time, there seems to be a lot of bugs which are causing troubles in Apple devices.

Not just the iPhone, even iPad, and iPod are also suffering from the new updates. Users have described their issues on Twitter, Reddit, and Apple Forums. Apple should take notes and find out a solution soon.

WiFi Connectivity Issues

Wifi Issues

Apple users after iOS 12.2 update are unable to connect to a WiFi network. People have complained that the iPhone is not connecting even to their home networks. Restarting and Rebooting their iPhone, iPad or iPod doesn’t seem to be helping.

Battery drains too Fast

iOS 12.2 Update for iPhone, iPad and iPod

A Reddit user claims that his iPhone battery drains rapidly even with minimum use of the device. While many Twitter user complained that their battery life has become worst after updating their iPhone to iOS 12.2 update.

facetime error

There is also a new bug which has affected video calling over FaceTime. One user on Apple Forum described a glitch in iOS 12.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod , where FaceTime call is transferred to someone else. Another issue is that in group FaceTime, other members are able to hear things even before the new member answers the call.

iTunes Not Working

iTunes error

People are unable to connect their phone with iTunes after installing iOS 12.2 update. While a lot many people have their daily work with iTunes and iPhone connection, this bug seems to cause a lot of problems.

iPhone hangs between Apps

iPhone hang error

iOS 12.2 update has made their iPhone a lot worse, several apps like Calendar and Gmail are not functioning properly. The iPhone just seems to freeze while switching several apps and then a user has to do a Forced Restart.

Camera gets blurred

camera error

A Twitter user shared a screen record video (the tweet has now been deleted) which shows that the Camera was not working properly. After the update to iOS 12.2, switching from Photos to Video or Slo-mo made the screen blurred. The iPhone camera is unable to record anything due to the bug.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Safari error

Apple doesn’t allow its users to use any browser other than the inbuilt Safari browser. But with the new iOS 12.2 update, a lot of iPhone, iPad and iPod users are unable to work in Safari. The Apple browser is either not working or hangs the phone when people open it.

Cellular Network Issues

fake 5GE network

The biggest grief Apple users are having with the new iOS is Network Connectivity Issues. Many iPhone users shared a screenshot of their phones showing AT&T network as 5GE. While Apple is nowhere close to getting 5G, the new update has made its internet speed worse.

Upgrade stops in between

iOS update error

Several users were scared when their iPhone upgrade to iOS 12.2 stopped in between. Their phones became useless and nothing seems to be working. Only after a hard reboot, the Upgrade process started again.

Apple News+ crashes instantly

Apple news error

The latest feature of iOS 12.2 was the inclusion of a new service Apple News+. But a user claimed that his iPad was crashing instantly whenever he tried to open Apple News+ App. What is the point of having a new feature, if it is unable to function properly?

iPhone heats rapidly

iPhone overheating issues after iOS 12.2 Update for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Most of the bugs were found in the older devices. Several iPhone 6S users complained about their devices heating up rapidly when multitasking. Also, touch sensors were unable to work properly after the iOS 12.2 update.

AirPlay Issues

AirPlay error

Apple users are claiming that they are now unable to stream content over AirPlay. Their iPhone and iPad are not connecting to other devices such as their Apple TV. It seemed to be working fine earlier, but the new iOS 12.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod made it worse.

When will Apple Fix the Bugs?

iOS 12.2 Update for iPhone, iPad and iPod, iOs 12.3 to update the bug

Apple is trying hard to fix those bugs and win the confidence of users again. It has been responding to every user complaint and has solved the majority of issues. The developers are clearing out each bug and making the new update smooth.

iOS 12.3 beta update has been released over-the-air and soon it will reach to every Apple user. We advise our readers to stay patient and register their issues at Apple Support. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Apple iOS 12.2 updates and other news.


Loknath Das