iPad Air 2 goes out of stock at major distributors ahead of iPhone 7 event

We have received a tipoff that major distribution channels for resellers have run out of iPad Air 2supply, ahead of the iPhone 7 event next week on Wednesday. This means that resellers are running dry of iPad Air 2 units to sell onto customers. This is usually indicate of an upcoming refresh.  As shown from the screenshots, new stock of iPad Air 2 is estimated far beyond the September 7th date of the Apple event, which would suggest that Apple is changing up the iPad lineup in the next couple of weeks.

However, this doesn’t really make sense with other reports that been swirling. We haven’t heard anything about Apple readying new iPads for launch this year. The latest report from KGI on the matter said to not expect an iPad refresh until 2017 …

As shown by the screenshots from the distribution system, all iPad Air 2s are currently showing as “0 available” across all colors and sizes. Amazon retail stock also seems low.

The KGI report from a couple of weeks ago, which runs counter to the latest source on supply vanishing, said that Apple is working on a new iPad Pro 12.9 inch and a cheaper 9.7 inch iPad for early-mid next year. Perhaps, Apple is preparing to remove the iPad Air 2 out of the lineup to make room for a cheaper 9.7 inch iPad next year. Apple may also just want to get rid of the iPad Air 2 altogether anyway as it starting to show its age.

This would mean no new iPads are set to be released anytime soon but it would constitute a change in the lineup. This would mark the iPad Pro 9.7 inch, introduced in March, as the flagship Apple tablet.

Ordering an iPad Air 2 from Apple’s own website is also quoting shipping estimates from the 7th even if it isn’t strictly out of stock. We aren’t entirely sure what this all means but it seems like very coincidental timing otherwise ahead of the iPhone 7 event. Stay tuned to 9to5Mac for full coverage of everything Apple unveils …