Is your phone number visible on Google search? Here is how you can get it removed

If you see your personal information like phone number and address on Google search results, you can request Google remove the information. The search giant announced in a blog post that it will remove personally identifiable information from the Google search results. The new feature is rolled out to let users have more control over their sensitive, personally identifiable information. Users can request Google to remove their personal information like phone number, email address or physical address.

“Under this new policy expansion, people can now request removals of additional types of information when they find it in Search results, including personal contact information like a phone number, email address, or physical address. The policy also allows for the removal of additional information that may pose a risk for identity theft, such as confidential log-in credentials, when it appears in Search results,” Michelle Chang, said in a blog post.

How to ask Google to remove your personal information from Search

— Visit Google support page

—You will be given a “Request to remove your personal information on Google”

— Fill up the form by providing authentic information supported by relevant links.

— Submit the form after filling up the necessary details about the information you want Google to remove from your search results.

After filling in the form, Google will send you an automated response confirming that it has received your request. Google will then review your request and may ask you to provide more information. If Google takes actions, it will let you know through mail.

Users filing a request with Google to remove personal content should remember that removing content from Google Search won’t remove it from the internet, which is why you may have to contact the hosting site directly.

Google has also rolled out an update to let the parents of users under 18 years of age remove content from the search results. “In addition to this update, we recently rolled out a new policy to enable people under the age of 18 (or their parent or guardian) to request the removal of their images from Google Search results.”


Loknath Das