intel clear linux

Earlier this month, we introduced you to Intel’s Clear Linux operating system. It’s focused on workstation and server performance, designed specifically for Intel-based machines. In our story, we also told you about the upcoming Steam support on Clear Linux.

Now, Microsoft has added support for this free, open source Linux distribution on its Azure cloud platform. If we look at the current tally, Microsoft currently supports other Linux distributions like Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, SUSE Linux Enterprise, openSUSE, and Oracle Linux.

In its announcement post, Microsoft calls Clear Linux an operating system that’s built from the scratch for data center and cloud environments. It also notes that Azure is the first public provider to offer Clear Linux.

The Clear Linux offerings announced are:

  • A bare-bones VM that one can use as a starting point
  • A Docker container image
  • A sample solution image for developing machine learning applications

Microsoft says that it expects DevOps teams to benefit from the stateless capabilities of Clear Linux. As Clear separates system defaults and distribution best practices from the user configuration, maintenance and deployment become easier.

If you’re already an Azure user, you can follow this link and set up your virtual machine.

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