Microsoft's Mac to Surface Assistant App Makes Data Transfer Easier

Microsoft has discreetly introduced new software that allows users to make an easy switch from a Mac to Surface devices. The software called Mac to Surface Assistant helps in easy transition from macOS to Windows 10, if the need so arises.

The software essentially transfers all your content into a zip file that you can then transfer to another device easily. You can download Mac to Surface Assistant here, and then walk through the steps as guided by the software. Microsoft didn’t officially announce the software, but it was spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat nonetheless.
Upon installing the software, a dialog box shows up telling you exactly what the Mac to Surface Assistant does, notes The Verge. Clicking on Continue will then let you select all the folders, documents, and media you want to transfer and even lets you know the sizes of each file for more clarity. It then lets you set a destination disk for the files, and the tool will then automatically save a ZIP file in that location containing all the things you selected.

With all the migrating tools out there, Mac to Surface Assistant is not a disappointment because of its neat interface and simple methodology. However, for the Cloud storage users, this software is as redundant as it can get. Many users who jump from one device to another prefer storing all their data on cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc; where it can be accessed anytime on any device. However, for those who still prefer the old-school SSD storage for media and files, they can now use this nifty tool for transfer of data from Mac to Surface devices.