Non-disbursement of fellowship money due to technical issues: JNU

The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) administration on Monday said that non-disbursement of fellowship money to the suspended students was “not deliberate”, but due to “a technical issue”.

JNU Students’ Union general secretary Rama Naga and Shweta Raj, who were among the eight students suspended in connection with organising the Afzal Guru event on campus, have alleged that they are being denied fellowship money.

“Three days ago, I had gone to ask for my fellowship money. But the administration denied it saying we are still suspended. This, despite the administration itself revoking the suspension on February 11. They did the same to Shweta. Also, if the suspension was not revoked, how are we able to attend classes?” said Mr. Naga.

When asked, JNU Registrar Pramod Kumar termed the non-disbursement of money as “technical issue”.

“I checked up with the department concerned that is responsible for disbursement of fellowship money and I was told that the letter informing the department about the suspension being revoked has not reached it so far. So technically for the department the students are still under suspension,” said Mr. Kumar.

“Now it can only happen after the Chief Proctor’s Office sends a letter to the department concerned,” he added.

The suspended students had alleged that the administration at first refused to disburse their fellowship money and then threatened to stop serving them food in the mess if the dues are not cleared, creating a “hostile environment” for them. The University has, however, been maintaining that these are all technical issues. Meanwhile, highly-placed officials in the JNU administration denied taking a decision to rusticate students who were suspended earlier. Earlier in the day, there were rumours that two students had been rusticated in connection with the February 9 event.

The Chief Proctor had a few days ago said his office was taking time to decide the quantum of punishment for the suspended students.

 [Source:- The Hindu]