Screenshot from video posted on Twitter by Naila Inayat.

In the age of social media, do not expect to be spared from ruthless trolling in case you make a mistake. And if it’s a glaring error, you are pretty much aware of the proceedings that will unfold forthwith. A similar situation occurred after a Pakistani anchor confused Apple – the tech giant – with the fruit.

The video of the moment has gone viral, needless to mention. It all began with a discussion on economy and business on the anchor’s show as a panellist remarked: “Apple’s business amounts to more than the whole of Pakistan’s annual budget.” She soon interrupted him, saying, “Yes, I have heard that even one apple is very expensive.”

He was referring to Apple Inc. She confused it with the fruit. Okay, then. We don’t know how to respond to that but the panellist was quick enough to point out: “We are talking about Apple phones, not the fruit.” The anchor appeared visibly embarrassed as she laughed in an attempt to cover up the goof-up.

Retweets, likes and of course, a hilarious discussion followed after the video surfaced on Twitter. “An “Apple” a day keeps brain away,” read a tweet while another said, “Ok now moving away from goats, cows , oil well next buzzword is apple…”