Parrot Security OS 3.1 Distro for Ethical Hackers Moves to Linux Kernel 4.6 Read more:

The guys over Parrot Security OS have announced that the first point release of the 3.x series of the Debian-based distribution designed for security professional and ethical hackers is now available for download.

Parrot Security OS 3.0 (Lithium) arrived just a month ago, based on the Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” operating system and distributed as no less than ten editions, supporting all sorts of hardware architectures, including 64-bit and 32-bit, as well as ARM devices like Raspberry Pi and Cubieboard 4 (CC-80), and other IoT hardware.

The first point release, Parrot Security OS 3.1, is to be considered an upgrade that brings lots of updated components, as well as some new features. According to the release notes, the OS now includes PHP 7 support, Qt Creator 4.0.2, Qt 5.6.1 GUI toolkit, ZuluCrypt 5.0, AnonSurf 2.1, Tor Browser launcher, and a kernel from the Linux 4.6 series.

Moreover, there’s support for GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 4.8.5, 4.9.3, 5.4.0 and 6.1.1, along with support for CLANG 3.6-33 and 3.8-2, various workarounds for the systemd init system, switch to the MariaDB database engine from MySQL, as well as multiple stability improvements and better hardware support.

Conky has been removed, but it will be back in the next point release

Among other changes implemented in the Parrot Security OS 3.1 operating system, we can mention that the Parrot Menu and Parrot Core components have been updated, along with the selection of Parrot Tools to include new ones. Additionally, the icon theme was fixed, and Conky got removed because there’s an issue with the theme.

Conky will be back in the next point release of the distribution, but until then, you’ll have to find a replacement or don’t use it. The apt-parrot mirror selection system was improved as well, and tasksel has been modified to include Parrot flavors. Last but not least, the NoScript Firefox plugin now works as expected.

[Source:- Softpedia]