Is your HVAC system costing more than it should? In reality, the quality of your air can affect finances in many ways you may not consider. This goes beyond the obvious of saving money in cooling and heating costs.

Maintenance and Repairs

When filters get clogged, dust and debris has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, this often means it collects on top of the HVAC hardware itself. If it’s ignored for a prolonged amount of time, damages can occur rendering the unit inoperable.

The result is often calling a repair technician to fix or replace the HVAC system. These costs are usually incredibly high depending on the size and functionality of your air conditioning system. If you’re lucky, the repair tech has parts on hand to solve the problem.

Otherwise, it may take even longer before the unit is working.

Employee Downtime

In the business environment, air quality is important to the overall health of employees. Usually, it’s the asthmatics and those with minor breathing problems who feel the issues first as they are more sensitive.

In many cases, staff will call in sick. This means lost productivity, which is then compounded if your business pays for sick leave. Improving air quality helps to reduce problems such as these. Less downtime means higher rates in productivity and getting a better return on the investment of having staff.

General Cleanliness

Keeping the dust levels down is important for electronics as well as the health of people. If you have a lot of computers or other gadgets which dust can affect, a clean filter helps.

One of the biggest problems many computers have is dust covering fans and heat sinks. This causes a system to overheat, which causes permanent damage to sensitive parts.

By keeping the ambient air free of this debris, you may find yourself paying less in repairs of those units.

Keep the Air Clean

It doesn’t take much to replace HVAC air filters in Richmond. Keep in mind, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. By simply keeping your filters cleaned or replaced, you can save money and contribute to the health of everyone in the building.