Remix OS 3.0 brings a desktop operating system to your Google Pixel C

Tablets are a great combination of power and portability, but if you’re looking for real computing grunt, there’s one thing standing in the way — the operating system. Android is a pretty powerful OS, but it’s not really designed to be used like a desktop OS, such as Windows, MacOS or even ChromeOS. If, however, you have a Pixel C, it looks like you’ll now be able to run a desktop-type operating system after all: Remix OS.

The new operating system, which is based on Android, recently got updated to version 3.0. Not only that, but Jide Technology, the team behind Remix OS, recently announced that Pixel C owners will now be able to enjoy Remix OS on their devices.

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The Pixel C was launched last year, and while technically an Android tablet, it can be used much more like a laptop thanks to its keyboard dock. Unfortunately, Android really held the device back — Android isn’t really optimized for use as a desktop OS. That’s why Jide decided to create its own operating system which works and acts like a desktop operating system, but is based on Android.

Of course, that’s not to say that Google will never optimize Android for desktop use itself — however it does seem as though the company isn’t really focused on taking that path for now, especially considering the fact that it’s bringing Android apps to Chrome OS, its actual desktop OS, instead. Considering the fact that we probably won’t see Chrome OS come out as an upgrade to the Pixel C anytime soon, Remix OS is a great way to get desktop-class browsing on your tablet.

In fact, Jide is also releasing Remix OS for PCs, which also allows for the operating system to be upgraded over the air. This makes it far easier to get access to new features.
[Source: Digital trends]