Schoolchildren pack 5,000 food packets for drought-it families

Students of Orchids International School in Masjid have packed over 5,000 food packets for the drought-affected families in Bundelkhand on Tuesday.

The adverse effect of drought in the Bundelkhand region has prompted the city-based volunteers of Anybody Can Help (ACH) to extend a helping hand by providing meals to the families living in the affected region. Volunteers with the help of school students packed the meal packets containing raw rice, dal and other food items.

The initiative was started a week ago and within a week they have managed to pack all the food items. Soon, they will be dispatching them. Talking about the initiative, Chiresh Sanghvi, founder of ACH, said: “This is the first time we are distributing food materials in Bundelkhand. A few of our local friends started distributing meals already but due to lack of facilities they needed our help. They contacted us to help them so that we together can reach out to more families. There are more than 1,000 families, but in the first phases we will be distributing the meal packets to 300 families.”

To contribute to the initiative, the school staff, students and parents together shelled out over Rs35,000. “This initiative is helping the needy people. We should always support the families in need. This project is fun-loving as well as a learning experience for all the students,” said Kalp Parekh, a class 5 student, while he was packing the meal.

According to Beena Nayaken, principal, initiatives like these help students to be aware of issues in the society. She said: “A small contribution can make a big difference in other people’s lives. Parents and students of all classes have contributed to the project according to their individual capacity. This is a practical learning experience for the students.”

The concept of food packets has been copied from an organisation named ‘Stop Hunger Now’. This is a month-long initiative and people can contribute by contacting the ACH volunteers.

“Donors can contribute till the end of this month. Since one packet of the meal costs Rs21, that is the minimum amount one can contribute,” Sanghvi said.

[Source:- Dna]