With two days left before the contentious U.S. presidential election, Saturday Night Live cast members took their last chance to parody the candidates and broke character to send a message to the American voters.

Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin started out like they’ve been doing since SNL’s 42nd season started, portraying Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, respectively.

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That’s when they began talking about the story of the week, Clinton’s emails, despite McKinnon’s Clinton wishing feverously for the topic to “Please be his taxes.”

“That’s why I never ever use emails, it’s too risky,” Baldwin’s Trump said. “That’s why I use a very private, very secure site where one can write whatever they want to and no one will read it, it’s called Twitter.”

When told that Twitter is actually public, he replied: “Really? And I’m still in this thing?”

When McKinnon-as-Clinton tried to turn the tables on Trump claiming he had connections in the FBI, Russia and the KKK, Baldwin denied them, all while kissing an FBI agent, Vladmir Putin and a member of the KKK (played by SNL cast members). But it was deemed “not enough of a story,” much to Clinton’s chagrin.

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“Donald has single-handedly ruined so much of what we as Americans hold dear: kindness, decency, tic tacs, skittles, taco bowls, father-daughter dances, busses, bright red hats, the word great, the colour orange, men,” McKinnon’s Clinton said.

But near the end of the skit, during a rant about Clinton’s crookedness, Baldwin had to step back and break character.

“I’m sorry Kate,” he said, “I just hate yelling at you like this.”

“I just feel gross all the time. Don’t you guys feel gross all the time about this?” Baldwin asked the audience.

McKinnon then took his hand and the two ran to Times Square in New York and shared a pretzel as they hugged tourists and their rival’s supporters.

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They made it back to the studio with a message.

“None of this would have mattered if you don’t vote,” Baldwin said.

“On Tuesday we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in,” McKinnon added.

Watch the full sketch above. SNL’s previous election sketches can be found here.

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