#SquadGoals: Equal pay for women’s soccer


Women should be paid as much as men, the soccer edition

Can we get a “hell yeah”? Five of the best-known women of the U.S. women’s national soccer team filed a complaint Thursday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The issue: wage discrimination. The details: Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Becky Sauerbrunn and Hope Solo contend they and their teammates were paid nearly four times less than their counterparts on the men’s national team. The bonus pay highlights the differences: Male players receive as much as $17,625 for a victory against a highly ranked opponent. Female players receive $1,350. Men receive $5,000 for a loss in a friendly. Women receive no bonuses for losses or ties. Here’s the thing: The women’s team is WAY more successful than the men’s. (Pause for a moment to remember Lloyd’s record-setting World Cup final performance last year.) USA TODAY Sports’ Christine Brennan says the players’ action sends a powerful message. We agree.

Washington, D.C., is abuzz with talk of how to stop a nuclear nightmare

Literally. Leaders from 50 countries are in Washington for the fourth Nuclear Security Summit, part of President Obama’s call for a worldwide effort to secure nuclear materials from terrorists. (Remember when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize? These talks are part of the reason why.) There’s a lot on the table, like plans to promote nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. And the recent attacks in Brussels have put the spotlight on efforts by extremists to develop nukes. Also up for much discussion: North Korea and the Iran nuke deal. What won’t be talked about?Some pretty dangerous things.

The annual Nuclear Security Summit gets underway Thursday in Washington. President Obama is hosting a series of meetings with the leaders of several Asian nations to talk about efforts to prevent North Korea from becoming a bigger nuclear threat. USA TODAY

America loves burgers. We used to love Chipotle. Would we love a Better Burger?

The burrito-maker seems to think yes. But would the burgers be as big as your head? Chipotle, which has applied for a trademark for “Better Burger” as part of a move to diversify, didn’t elaborate on specific plans for a burger chain. The company is already using its Chipotle restaurant model to dabble in pizza and Asian food in a few markets. So gourmet burgers, a la Shake Shack and Five Guys, with a different brand name — why not try? Chipotle has struggled to recover from an E.coli outbreak and other health-safety issues. Maybe this could help.

Earlier this month, Chipotle Mexican Grill filed a trademark for the name “Better Burger”, hinting that the burrito chain is looking to open a new line of hamburger restaurants. USA TODAY

If you’re planning to hate-watch ‘Batman v Superman’ this weekend, you’re not alone

Basically, nobody wants to be the one person who hasn’t seen Batman v Superman. “It’s still going to be the movie most people go to see this weekend,” says Erik Davis, managing editor for Fandango and Movies.com. The reason is simple: It has no real competition for the second week in a row. And even if it’s terrible, people want to join the conversation about it. With a name like “Batman v Superman,” who can resist? Before you go, manage your expectations and read USA TODAY’s review (*** out of four).

It’s a battle of epic proportions as two superheroes face off in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’.USA TODAY

And finally, a sofa that … wait for it … HUGS YOU

Yes. It HUGS you. South Korean designer Lee Eun Kyoung spent two years creating a furry sofa with soft flexible (and detachable) arms. When the “free hug sofa” is stretched out, it looks like a person. It sounds bizarre, but also kind of awesome. “Because the sofa gives the feeling of being alive, it will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend and a lover without feeling lonely,” Kyoung told the A’Design Award committee. We eagerly await the details on how we can buy one (or, at the very least, test hug one).

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