Surat Police raids all-woman booze party at hotel, arrests 21

A team of police raided an all-woman party in Surat on Friday (December 21) night. Some women were inebriated when police raided the place in the dry state of Gujarat. The police detained 21 women out of 41 there. These 21 women were then taken to New Civil Hospital for a medical examination.

It is reported that the arrested women are from business families of Surat city.

According to the police, their sources told them about the party which the women were attending under the guise of a kitty party at Hotel Osir in Piplod on Dumas Road. When the police raided the hotel they found the women were having a booze party.

The police said that all women there were drunk. When the news got out, the family members of the arrested women rushed to Umra police station.

The police filed a case under Prohibition Act and submitted it to a court on Saturday (December 22) where the court released all the arrested women.