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Threat from social media

I’ve been involved in politics for the better part of a lifetime, and have spoken at a lot of public meetings over the years. There’s one question, I think, that I’ve heard more than any other: “If I want to be an informed citizen, which sources of information should I consult?” For many years, I […]

Microsoft announces Advanced Threat Analytics 1.7 for enhanced enterprise security

Roughly 108 days ago, Microsoft released its Advance Threat Protection service intopreview for its eager enterprise customers looking to an early look at latest productivity, security, and device management capabilities coming to Windows 10. Now, three months later, Microsoft’s threat analytics team has felt confident enough in the feedback they’ve received to release its Advance […]

McAfee: Only 42 percent of security experts use shared threat intelligence

The report examines the inner workings of the Adwind remote administration tool (RAT), and provides details about surges in ransomware, mobile malware, and overall malware in Q4 2015. Some of the findings include: Value perception and adoption: Of the 42 percent of respondents who report using shared threat intelligence, 97 percent believe that it enables […]