Tech Report: Easily Backup Your Computer

We all know we should be backing up our computers … but the reality is many of us just aren’t prepared for a system meltdown. In today’s Tech Report Rich Demuro explains an easy way to keep your personal information safe.

If your computer crashed today, how would you feel? Anxious? Rest easy. Rich shows us how easy it can be to back up your computer.

When it comes to hard drives, your best bet for a back up right now is a standard drive and not a flash drive. If a flash drive crashes, there is no chance of recovering the files.

Sven Rathjen works at Western Digital, one of the world’s top sellers of hard drives. He says one easy way to make sure your files are safe is to snag a 1 Terabyte drive on Amazon for just $60. Be sure it has more storage space than your computer.

After you get your drive, plug it into your computer.

On a Windows 10 PC, search in the Cortana box for backup > file > history settings > add a drive, and select your hard drive. Now your computer will back up every hour so long as the drive is connected.

On a Mac, go into settings > time machine > select back up disk, and select your drive. It too will make hourly backups.

[Source:- FOX 40]