Windows 10 close to becoming the most used Windows OS

windows 10 popular os

Microsoft has been trying to make Windows 10 the most used PC operating system in the world since it was released. And according to the latest reports, the company is very close to achieving that goal, as Windows 10’s popularity rises every month.

Microsoft performed its own research on the popularity of its operating systems. The research shows that Windows 10 now runs on 39% of Windows PCs, with an adoption rate that’s on the rise. Windows 10 improved from 36$ in June this year to 39% in July 2016.

The reigning operating system is, of course, Windows 7, with 46% of the share. However, judging by the speed of Windows 10’s growth and the fact that Microsoft is putting all of its resources into this operating system, we should see a switch on the top very soon.

windows 10 popular os

There are a few reasons Windows 10 will become the most used Windows PC operating system in two or three months. First, and the thing everyone blames Microsoft for, is the fact that the company simply bombarded users of older versions of Windows with upgrade prompts. The second reason is that more people are becoming aware that older versions of Windows will eventually become unsupported, so Windows 10 is their only option. However, we must say that the majority of users decided to switch to Windows 10 just because of all the new and exciting features it has to offer.

The problem for Windows 10 is that some business users and companies are still hesitant to upgrade as they chose to stick with Windows 7 for some more time. On the other hand, regular users are more keen to upgrade — and the fact that Windows 10 is the most popular operating system for gamers proves that.

If you’re interested in the result of other Windows operating systems, Windows 8.1 still holds 13% of the share, but it’s nothing compared to Windows 7 and Windows 10 and it likely won’t get any better.

Microsoft’s strategy with Windows 10 may be cruel to some users of older versions of Windows, but that’s technology. Like it or not, we have to keep up with the latest technology to stay relevant, so even die-hard users of Windows 7/8.1 will eventually have to take a leap forward and upgrade to Windows 10.

[Source:-Indias Report]