World’s first mobile piano bar coming to Bribie Island

MARKETERS have stepped up to a whole new level to get your attention – and it’s working.

The latest crazy and wonderful idea comes from AAT Kings as they embark on a road trip across Australia in the world’s first mobile piano bar.

The coach – used as one of the travel company’s luxury guided holiday vehicles in its former life – has been gutted and drenched in red, black and elegance and is coming to Bribie Island tomorrow.

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming façade, this baby comes complete with a grand piano, couch, lamps, mini bar and very own pianist – and you’re invited to climb on board this one- of- a-kind vehicle as it rolls into town.

AAT Kings head of marketing, pricing and strategy Wendy Harch said the $10,000 idea came off the back of a similar project they did in 2014 where a coach was transformed into a travelling bowling green.

“After that one we had all sorts of ideas thrown at us – even doing a pole dancing studio,” she said.

Choosing a more tasteful route, Mrs Harch said they decided on a sing-along concept – and thus the piano bar idea was born.

“The first person I had to talk to was our head of coach: can I physically get a full-sized piano on board – I don’t want to do this half-cooked,” she said.

“We worked out we could get an upright grand piano on board using our wheelchair accessibility.”

A few months of planning, shopping and just a week of construction later, the coach was on the road.

Travelling from Sydney to Mackay, back down to Adelaide, across to Melbourne, back up through regional Victoria and everywhere in between, the objective of the mobile piano bar is to show locals what an AAT Kings luxury coach looks and feels like, bring staff to the regions to answer any questions people may have on guided holidays and join the dots between travel agents, clients and the guided holiday company “bringing Australia and New Zealand to Life”.

“We want to put smiles on people’s faces – that’s what we’re all about with our guided holidays,” Mrs Harch said.

They’re also calling out for any local pianists who want to have a jam session on board to get in touch with them via the AAT Kings website, or rock up on the day.