world’s ugliest dog ‘SweePee Rambo’ has bowed legs, oozing sore

SweePee Rambo is a sight to see, together with her bowed legs, oozing sore and a tongue that protrudes out the side of her mouth. So incredible is this 7-yearantique chinese Crested Chihuahua that she gainedthis 12 months‘s Petaluma’s international‘s Ugliest dog contest.

the contest, now in its twenty eighth yr at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, paired 15 of the maximummalformed pooches around to compete inside the prestigious pup opposition, the Chicago Tribune stated.
The puppies are judged on bad appearance, a number of inherited or obtained maladies, stench or evencomplexion.

SweePee had it all going, with her mohawk and diapers. Blind in each eyes, the 4-pound doggy hascontinually had the heart of her proprietor, Jason Wurtz, forty four, of Encino, Calif., who called her a “tripor die chick” in his contest office work.

participants voted online for their picks, viewing images and an outline of each dog.

whilst SweePee’s name turned into announced because the winner, Wurtz’s brother, Jeffrey shouted hername, crying all the at the same time as and preserving up his home made sign that examine “SweePee Rambo for President 2016.”

every other dog sported a gold tuft paying homage to a positive presidential candidate.

whether or not you like him, or loathe him, a vote for Himisaboo is a vote for a canine that looks as ifDonald Trump,” said Heather Wilson, Himisaboo’s owner, who drove to the contest from Idaho. Thischanged into Himisaboo’s fourth time within the contest.