Xiaomi to focus more on offline sales for its smartphones

In its home ground, Xiaomi has to face giants like Oppo and Vivo. These two brands are highly preferred in China. Not only in China, they have a strong foothold in India as well. So what is the reason for that? We all know that Xiaomi’s phones are feature-rich yet cheap. Apparently, Xiaomi’s main approach to selling smartphones is online. This is why the company manages to sell its devices at a reduced price.

On the other hand, Oppo and Vivo focus equally on their offline and online presence. However, it is quite difficult for Xiaomi to sell its Mi and Redmi phones in the offline retail stores for the same price they are offered online. So the company is planning to start a new series of smartphones, which will be meant for offline stores.

Phones from this new lineup from Xiaomi would be more focused on design, rather than internal specs. Xiaomi’s new strategy will hopefully help them to grasp the market better. As some of you may know, other than China, the company has also opened its first Mi Home store in India. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer even plans to open over 100 offline stores in the country over the next couple of years.