Zomato tried cracking a joke on Ranveer Singh and Siddhant Chaturvedi's chemistry in Gully Boy

Zomato tried cracking a joke on Ranveer Singh and Siddhant Chaturvedi’s chemistry in Gully Boy

Gully Boy has taken the country by storm, from movie theatres to social media. Zoya Akhtar’s latest film is currently making the box office sway to its magic. The film has already zoomed past the Rs 100-crore mark. Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt are the lead stars in Gully Boy. While both have been praised to the heavens for their work in Gully Boy, it is newcomer Siddhant Chaturvedi whose character and performance had a massive impact on moviegoers.

Anyone who has seen Gully Boy, hasn’t been able to get over the charm of MC Sher, the friend that all of our lives need. In Gully Boy, Siddhant plays MC Sher, a rapper who takes Murad (Ranveer Singh’s character) under his wings and changes his life.

For a week now, MC Sher has taken over social media, what with netizens heaping praise on Siddhant and wishing for a friend like him.

Food delivery giant Zomato today tried to cash in on the popularity of the MC Sher memes.

Zomato combined a trending topic and an oft-debated subject, and tweeted a series of things that go together, “Things that go together: MC Sher: Gully Boy, Asli Hip Hop: Hindustan, Rains: Pakora, Burger: Fries, Samosa: Chutney, Biryani: Not elaichi.”

Now, the presence of elaichi in biryani is a perpetual discussion on social media, with two prominent camps sticking to their ideal version of the much-loved food. Zomato clearly belongs to the camp that does not like their biryani experience spoilt by elaichi.

But that is hardly Zomato’s concern today. As soon as the account posted the ‘Things that go together’ tweet, Twitterati weighed in.