4 handy tips to get the most from your gadgets


We own multiple devices today but most of us don’t use them to their full potential. ET Wealth provides tips to help improve and enhance the functionality of your devices.

Make your TV smart
There are a few options available in the market to add smarts to any television. You can either go for an HDMI dongle style device that can be easily hidden behind the TV (Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast) or get a large box-style device (Apple TV, ACT Stream TV, mini PC).

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Either options will give you the control for screen resolution up to 4k and we recommend opting for one that gives you 4k resolution to be future-ready. In case you already have a Smart TV from a reputed brand, then you don’t need to get an extra device. However, most small or unknown brands tend to load an older version of Android and that too half the time without access to the app store. In such cases, it’s best to go for a third-party device for better performance and more app options.

Add voice assistant to any speaker

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Voice assistant speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are great to use as the louder volume make them easy to operate and interact. But what if you already own a great speaker set up? In that case, you can add the Amazon Alexa voice assistant to a speaker via the Amazon Echo Input. This sleek device can be easily hidden yet offer 3.5mm audio out, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. In case you want to add Alexa to your automobile speaker, then you will need to invest in Echo Auto. Echo Auto is powered by the car’s cigarette socket and connects to the car’s stereo via Bluetooth or aux port.

Speed up your Windows computer

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If you are using a Windows computer with a standard hard drive, sooner or later the computer will become sluggish. One way to solve this issue is to upgrade to the expensive SSD storage. The other way out is to tweak Windows to perform better with your existing hardware. This can be done by enabling performance mode. Open properties of My computer and click on Advanced system settings option. In the box that opens up, click on settings for Performance and choose “Adjust for best performance”. This would disable all animations and optimise display settings, meaning improvement in day to day usage.

Check your smartphone’s performance

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If you own an Android smartphone, chances are that you would have noticed it getting sluggish, not registering touch or drop WiFi connection among other issues. How do you fi nd out the issue plaguing your smartphone in such a case? Simple. Use a diagnostic app such as Test your Android or Phone Doctor Plus. These apps give you the option to check various components and sensors of your smartphone making it easier to identify any issues. This is also handy to check performance when you are purchasing a second-hand phone.


Loknath Das