Do you want to play a game of rummy without feeling like an amateur? Get to know the below mentioned rummy jargons, and know the game better.

  1. Deck: It is a set of 54 cards, including 2 Jokers used to play classic rummy on the internet.
  2. Draw: It is the action of taking a card into the hand from the discarded or draw pile.
  3. Pick Card: It is the act of picking the first card from the draw pile or discarded pile, by the last immediate player.
  4. Joker: It is a randomly selected card from the draw pile that is utilized to form sequences and sets. This card is in addition to the printed jokers already available in the deck.
  5. Ace: In a single deck of cards, there are 4 Aces of each suit (heart, spade, diamond, and club). An Ace can work as higher or lower cards, which means, you can make a sequence of Ace-King-Queen or Ace-2-3.
  6. Deal: At the start of each new hand in online rummy, distribution of cards to players takes place, and this is called ‘deal’. Dealer is the one who deals the cards.
  7. Cut: After shuffling, the deck of cards is divided into two sections. To place the second portion on top of the first, ‘cut’ is the term used to for the action of changing the order and dividing the deck into two different portions.
  8. Hand: It is the total number of cards that a player holds at anytime of the play. A rummy game consists of a single and/or a succession of hands.
  9. Draw Pile: It is the remaining deck after the initial hand is dealt. It is placed face down and players draw cards from this deck.
  10. Discard Pile: It is the pile of cards that face up. It is formed when players reduce the cards from their hand after drawing from the draw pile.
  11. Discard: When you reduce a card from the hand by discarding it on the discard pile, the action is called ‘discard’, which is usually done by drawing a card.
  12. Blind Discard: Often the first discard of a deal, a discard is made without a clue that the opponent would use the discarded card or not.
  13. Lobby: The very first screen visible when you enter Khelplay rummy online room. You will probably get to see tournament or game related details here.
  14. Sequence: It is arrangement of 3 or more cards of the same suit in consecutive rank.
  15. Group or Set: It is a set or group of three or four cards of same rank but different suits.
  16. Bonus Chips: To play online rummy, bonus chips are top-up chips in order to make a cash deposit to continue the game.
  17. First Drop: It is the act of dropping the game in very first turn.
  18. Face Card: Queen, Jack, King of any suit.
  19. Deadwood: The unmatched cards that are left with a player on a hand being finished.
  20. Points or Score: The points/scores accumulated for each participant.
  21. Count: After deducting the total melded cards, the remaining point value in any given hand is called the count.
  22. Play Chips: These are chips offered by gaming site for free to practice or play with other players.
  23. Cash Tournaments: These are rummy game tournaments which ask cash deposits for you to play.
  24. Meld/Melding: Three of more card of same rank or sequence of the same suit.
  25. Declare:When you as a player declare to have finished arranging the cards in required sets or/and sequences, then on the discard pile, you place the 14th card facing down.
  26. Winner: The one who declares rummy is the winner. If you are a winner, you will also have the least points, basically zero points, against your name.

By getting acquainted to these rummy terms, you can easily master the rummy card game.