Android Comes to Zebra’s Enterprise Wrist-Mounted Wearable Computer

Zebra Technologies’ latest enterprise wristband computer, the WT6000 Industrial Wearable Computer, has debuted as the first of the company’s business wearables to run on the Android operating system instead of Microsoft software. Also unveiled were the RS6000 Wearable Ring Scanner and HS3100 Rugged Headset accessories, adding flexibility for a wide range of enterprise users. The WT6000 runs on Android Lollipop 5.1, but the ring scanner and headset don’t include their own operating systems. The Zebra WT6000 Industrial Wearable Computer, which is ruggedized against dust, water and temperature extremes, is built to operate in myriad working environments such as in refrigerated warehouses or factories where hot ovens or smelters are used. Zebra made the move to Android because Microsoft Embedded will reach the end of its development life at the end of the decade and because Android has improved dramatically to fit the needs of enterprise users, according to Zebra. Peruse this eWEEK slide show for more details about the latest Zebra products.

[Source:- E week]