Android Pay is coming to the mobile web ‘soon,’ available first on Chrome

Android Pay will be up and running on the mobile web “soon,” says Google, letting users pay for their online shopping with their stored credit cards. Taking the payment system beyond something you use on your phone in stores has been on the cards for a while now (with new API support added in the most recent version of Chrome), but according to new a blog post from the Android team, we shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

“We’re moving beyond mobile apps and bringing the simplicity and security of Android Pay onto the mobile web,” writes Pali Bhat, Google’s global head of payment products. “Users will soon be able to speed through mobile checkout on Chrome using Android Pay on sites like, and many more to come.”

Alongside this non-specific timeline of mobile web support, Google also announced new banks signing up to the scheme. From this week, Chase customers in the US will be able to use Android Pay, with support for Santander and TSB customers in the UK arriving “over the coming weeks.” Google also announced it’s taking part in Uber’s Payment Rewards program — meaning from September 7th to October 15th, Android Pay users in the US get 50 percent off ten Uber rides.

[Source:-The Verge]