Samsung Galaxy Note 3 drop test cracked screen aa 4

AT&T subscribers will no longer have to venture into shady shops to get their cracked screens replaced. The carrier is offering a new cracked screen replacement service for insured devices. Don’t go getting comfortable just yet, though! There’s a few things to keep in mind.

For starters, your device needs to be insured with the Mobile Insurance, Mobile Protection Pack, Mobile Protection Pack for Business and Multi-Device Protection Pack programs. And it won’t be free – an $89 deductible per screen replacement will be charged.

If those aren’t enough conditions, you also have to keep in mind this doesn’t apply to many phones and markets, at least for now. In fact, only three Android phones are included in the list. Let’s check out the availability details.



Those who meet all the requirements can then file a claim and schedule an Asurion technician to come to them. If the claim is approved, it is even possible to schedule an appointment for the very same day.

Pretty awesome, right? It is nice to see AT&T doing something like this, and we certainly hope more carriers follow suit. After all, many of you prefer going with the official carrier or manufacturer whenever possible.

This service will become available come November 15, so be careful with your phones until then!

[Source:-Android Authority]