Bizarre claims that ISIS plotted to slaughter fans of London YouTube fashion blogger by kidnapping her and luring fans to meet her are investigated by police

Police have been investigating bizarre online claims a YouTube star had been kidnapped and used as a pawn in an ISIS plot to lure fans of her fashion films to a terror attack.

Scotland Yard sent officers to see Marina Joyce, 19, after ‘numerous’ calls from the public about her safety and the hashtag #savemarinajoyce began trending worldwide.

Miss Joyce sparked an internet frenzy after she was heard whispering ‘help me’ in a video published online four days ago.

Responding to their concerns she said in a live blog today: ‘I’m not being held captive, I’m fine and am telling the truth. Stop assuming stuff guys’.

Conspiracy theorists had also urged people to ignore a mysterious Tweet she sent overnight urging fans to meet at a ‘party’ in Bethnal Green, fearing terrorists might have hijacked her account to lure victims to an attack.

Last week Munich killer Ali Sonboly opened fire on young people he had lured to a McDonald’s restaurant near the Olympic stadium in Munich after hacking a young woman’s Facebook account.

Plea: Vlogger Marina Joyce, 19, pictured today, has urged fans in a live blog to be assured that she is safe and not a kidnap victim after an online frenzy led to the police being called