Everybody chill out, potent No. nine is not not on time

Mighty No. 9 isn't delayed everyone calm down

Gameinformer ruffled a group of feathers on Friday after they pronounced that robust No.nine becamebehind schedule most likely into 2016.

It seems that is all absolutely fake, because it‘s been rebunked over at the amazing forums. those arebest accessible by using backers, however VGstations become able to get a few display photographsand descriptions of what occurred. The lengthy and short of it is that the release date continues to beon target as demonstrated by the admins at the forums but Amazon’s automatism within the software program messed it up. on account that all the objects have been not obtained yet for the Signatureeditions along with the figurine, Amazon changed the discharge date thru 2016 because if it receivestoo close to the object‘s release and now not all gadgets are received, Amazon software program autocancels the items. Of route, Amazon couldn’t have this so that they improved the date to give them extratime.

properly there you’ve got it and you could see the display captured by VGstations under. it’s good enough, you can positioned your pitch forks down now.