far Cry Primal name replace changes the HUD and brings tons of fixes; Patch notes here

Far Cry Primal Title Update Two changes the HUD and brings tons of fixes; Patch notes here

Xbox one and ps 4 a long way Cry Primal gamers can look ahead to a couple tweaks and fixes in the game, way to title update . in conjunction with numerous recreation fixes, there are HUD adjustmentsconsisting of the ability to disable the HUD entirely.

if you have been coping with any speedy travel troubles or trendy gameplay problems, this patch has tackled quite many of the stated troubles that players have encountered. Xbox One owners can look ahead to a 570MB update and PS4 players get a further 7MB really worth of fixes with their 577MBreplace.

to peer what the previous replace delivered to the sport, go here.

here are all of the adjustments, courtesy of Ubisoft:

balance & performance

improved overall performance and stability
constant low occurrence specific crashes

advanced the general difficulty of a challenge
constant an part case problem wherein the XP isn’t up to date
fixed difficulty wherein the kills from companion animals does no longer update under uniquecircumstance
fixed a bug wherein a weapon switched mechanically when the usage of the rate enhance
fixed a rare issue in which the player is prone whilst seeking to heal
fixed a low occurrence difficulty wherein the participant is not able to loot
constant an difficulty in which the player can be teleport outdoor the assignment quarter when usingany animals
constant issues with Hardsave not functional if the consumer performs unique motion
fixed a trophy update difficulty when taming one of the beasts
fixed a participant’s movement problem when shooting an outpost
fixed a 2 seconds freeze whilst participant pauses the game at some stage in few unique animations
constant a waterfall impact difficulty at some point of a cinematic
fixed an facet case difficulty where the participant can’t pet smaller companions
constant an trouble where the “heal beast” and “journeymoves does not usually paintings on sloping terrain
fixed a blood trail visual issue whilst using the looking vision
lighting and FX

fixed a few lighting fixtures problems in particular regions
flora and fauna and AI

stepped forward the AI navigation in a specific outpost
constant low occurrence navigation issues with the partners
constant a few area case animation problems with animals and partners

fixed Missions and sports blockers when appearing precise moves
fixed few spawning issues with the gamers and particular animals
constant an problem where the participant can complete one of the task two times
constant troubles wherein the participant can’t climb a vine when performing certain movements
constant facet case issues in which the participant can remain stuck if he interacts with stones and flora
constant an problem wherein the participant is not able to speedy journey
constant goal problems while acting precise actions
constant side cases navigation problems inside the world

delivered an choice to not show enemies within the minimap
added a button to disable the HUD option
added new tutorial page to match description and picture
fixed an trouble in which a button is misplaced within the praise stash
constant some displaying troubles with the HUD and the sector Map
constant an issue in which a fail activate does no longer seem beneath particular situations
fixed an issue wherein the XP prompt stays present on the HUD
fixed icons problems in specific activities
constant few minor issues where a waypoint isn’t always displayed properly
fixed an trouble wherein the outpost counter does now not update
added a visible tenet for one of the achievements

constant a valid trouble with burning fireplace all through the playgo
brought a lacking SFX all through a selected short Time event attack
added a lacking Audio line in the course of a cinematic
Localization/textual content

constant issues while subtitles go beyond menu borders in some languages
constant an difficulty wherein collectibles textual content may be overlapped with the aid of an occasionnotification
delivered lacking subtitles when skipping a cinematic
constant incorrect messages performing on display after precise moves

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