Five-foot-long cobra rescued

Wildlife SOS rescued a five-foot-long cobra from PCR Colony in Model Town earlier this week. The snake is currently under observation at the Wildlife SOS’s rescue facility and will soon be released into its natural habitat.

The Wildlife SOS rapid response unit received a call on its 24-hour helpline about a cobra being spotted in the police colony.

The venomous snake was found lurking amidst a pile of rubble from the on-going construction work in the premises. The unsuspecting workers received quite a shock and immediately alerted the police, who in turn contacted Wildlife SOS.

Upon arrival, the team successfully rescued the cobra, much to everyone’s relief. It has been safely transferred to a Wildlife SOS rescue facility in Gurgaon.

Sub-Inspector Nepal Singh said: “The panic-stricken construction workers spotted the snake at the site and rushed to inform us at the station. Since we have the Wildlife SOS helpline number on our emergency contact list, I immediately called them for help.”

Geeta Seshamani, the co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said the snake was about five-foot-long, and was safe and unhurt. Common cobras are venomous, but do not attack humans without provocation. Sometimes, the size of a reptile, coupled with the general misunderstanding about snakes, causes people to panic unnecessarily upon spotting one.

[Source:- The Hindu]