Ghostrunner gets spooky for Halloween (and free thanks to Amazon Prime)

Ghost is right in the title

Ghostrunner, if you missed it, is a first-person action title that stars high-speed, parkour-fueled ninja action. Complete with a heavy cyberpunk aesthetic, it’s received quite a bit of acclaim. And now it’s ready to creep you out a bit.

Well, that might be an exaggeration, but nevertheless Ghostrunner’s new paid Halloween-themed items are pretty slick looking. A total of 6 new blades are in the set, including “the pumpkin-inspired Jack-O’, a ghostly Shroud blade, and four alien-themed katanas: Anomaly, Monstrosity, Night Terror, and Carnivore”.

Ghostrunner continues to impress with its emphasis on breakneck speed and demand for finesse, but a huge draw for series’ fans is the cyberpunk aesthetic,” said Neil Ralley, 505 Games President. “The Halloween DLC adds to the game’s style, and we hope our players enjoy it as they await the big news we have in store in the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years…”



Loknath Das