Google’s Sundar Pichai present day target of social media hackers (up to date)

Hacking organization OurMine is continuing to make some of the tech enterprise‘s elite appearancegreater than a bit stupid. After a string of high-profile hacks, consisting of current takeovers of social media money owed belonging to fb‘s Mark Zuckerberg and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, the team seems to havecorrectly targeted Google CEO Sundar Pichai. A now-deleted string of tweets seems to affirm a breach of his Quora profile, which then allowed OurMine to publish to Pichai’s Twitter feed way to the two accountsbeing related.

unlike the Zuckerberg hack, which has been put down to his use of seriously easy, commonplacepassword exposed via the 2012 LinkedIn breach, OurMine claims to have determined a vulnerability in Quora — a Q&A-themed social community. In a announcement to the following web, the hacking groupsays it has shared information of the safety hole with Quora, but hasn’t heard returned. [See update below.]

other than bragging rights, OurMine seems to be concentrated on celebrities and massive names in tech topromote its sideline as a virtual safety company. services include a probing of your social media bills for vulnerabilities for a mere $a hundred. Pre-paid, of direction.replace: Quora’s Head of Outreach Nadia Singer has responded with an legitimate comment, claiming the breach turned into probable the result of Pichai using the equal password throughout multiple offerings, as opposed to a flaw in Quora’s safety: “we are confident that Sundar Pichai’s account became no longer accessed through a vulnerability in Quora’s structures. this is consistent with past reviews wherein OurMine exploited preceding password leaks on other services to gain access to debts on Twitter or fb. We additionally haven’t any file of a fileby using OurMine pointing to a vulnerability.” Singer and Quora are reminding customers to precisepasswords on their numerous offerings.